In Recreation, DEUS Means More Fun and More Safety

Zip Line 7500 in use - gold cropChallenge Course and Zip Line Tour operators face a number of challenges keeping people safe, ensuring a positive experience for clients and participants, and maintaining a profitable, competitive operation.

Now, the innovative technology of DEUS controlled descent systems provide the basis for addressing these challenges, ensuring a higher level of safety, plus more fun for participants and a competitive advantage for operators.

Helping Challenge Courses Reach New Heights

Belay and controlled descent involve risk and tie up instructors' time. Creating exciting and popular new elements is a constant challenge. Promoting teamwork and leadership high above ground is an elusive goal.

The DEUS Challenge Course & Zip-Line Canopy Tour Kit, built around the DEUS 7500 controlled descent device, supports safe, reliable and automatic back-up belay and controlled descent.

The 7500 is safe, reliable, incredibly easy to use, absorbs shock load and is extremely low maintenance. Plus, descending with the 7500 is a lot of fun, making it the foundation of exciting new high element activities.

Participants can be trained to use the DEUS 7500 in only seconds. If they hold onto the rope, they are in control. If they drop the rope, descent is automatic. The control promotes teamwork. The limited descent speed promotes safety. And the new elements with the 7500 promote excitement and team building...and bring people back for more.

To learn more about how DEUS controlled descent systems can enhance your challenge course or zip line operation, contact DEUS Rescue.