Firefighting Equipment That Meets the High Demands of the Fire Service

Fire Rescue Equipment

The environment is deadly - dark, hot, thick smoke. The situation is often critical - act now, or risk life or injury. The load is heavy, including bunker gear, SCBA and other equipment...the less to carry, the better.

That is why we worked with firefighters - current and former members of departments around the United States - to make sure we got it right. The result is a range of controlled descent devices, kits and accessories designed to aid individual firefighters and rescue teams.

Equipment for Every Firefighting Emergency

In the beginning, DEUS focused on delivering the ultimate solution for firefighter bailout. That need was met with the DEUS 3100, the gold standard for reliable, safe and completely HANDS FREE firefighter bailout.

Today, with the addition of the 7000 Series of controlled descent devices, innovative accessories forrescue rigging, anchoring, lifting and hauling, and effective carry and deploy options, DEUS offers a full range of firefighting equipment:

Firefighter Bailout Equipment

When a fire gets out of control and running for stairs or ladders is not possible, bailout is the life-saving solution. The DEUS Firefighter Bailout & Rescue Kit gives firefighters the tools they need for safe, fast, reliable and completely hands-free bailout with the DEUS 3100. Using this kit, three firefighters can get out and away from fire in less than seven seconds.

Fire Rescue Gear

When a firefighter encounters a person or a family trapped in a fire, waiting for help may take too long. With a DEUS Firefighter Bailout & Rescue Kit and an extra piece of webbing to form a rescue sling, a firefighter can perform a rescue, immediately, without waiting for help or equipment.

Rapid Response Equipment

When a firefighter radios for help because he is trapped and needs emergency help, a Rapid Intervention team responds. The DEUS Rapid Response Kit is fast, easy to use and give your RIT team the tools for both "up" and "down" rescues.

Back-Up Belay Equipment for Training or Rescue

The DEUS Back-Up Belay Kit helps reduce the risk of injury during bailout, rescue and evacuation training. The kit is built around the DEUS 7300 which removes the human element from belay and reduces risk. The system engages automatically when it senses an overspeed condition, controlling descent all the way to the ground and providing a soft landing. It sets up quickly and operates hands-free.

DEUS also offers fire departments the additional support they need, including:

The Ultimate Rescue Harnesses

For firefighter escape and rescue, look to the DEUS X Class, a series of innovative escape and rescue harnesses that provide excellent versatility, superior mobility for the user, and rugged durability. Start with a simple X Class rescue waistbelt (NFPA Class I), easy to don, easy to wear, inside or outside of your turnout gear. Deploy the hide-away leg-loops in seconds for an NFPA Class II seat harness. Add the available Chest Harness Add-on for a Class III full body harness.

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