Helping People in a Range of Industries

Rescue and Escape Equpiment for Industrial Use

DEUS Rescue has become the ultimate resource in rescue and work solutions for professionals who work at height. With a line of complete, compact and easy-to-deploy kits built around our innovative and technically advanced controlled descent devices, DEUS products support the needs of multiple industries.

Born to Meet the Needs of Firefighters

The idea that ultimately would become DEUS Rescue started with a realization that life in the fire services had changed dramatically.

Due to newly available technologies, firefighters were able to go deeper into burning buildings than ever before - so far, in fact, they sometimes could not get back out. At the same time, new construction materials meant that fires were burning hotter and faster. Combined, these facts revealed the crucial need for new escape technologies that could help firefighters bail out in an emergency.

To meet this need, DEUS engineers worked together with New York firefighters to develop an entirely new concept in controlled descent. The result: the DEUS 3100 controlled descent device.

Solutions for Many Markets

Today, DEUS Rescue offers complete solutions for descent, rescue, escape, work, training and more, to support the needs of professionals in a variety of industries:

In addition to products, DEUS offers support and training to ensure your DEUS products trulymeet your needs, safely and effectively.

To learn more about how DEUS descent devices, kits and other products can meet the rescue, work or training needs of your industry, contact DEUS Rescue.