Applications for DEUS Products

DEUS controlled descent devices were conceived, designed and engineered to deliver easy, fast and safe escape and rescue. But what really sets them apart from the crowd is their vast array of practical applications.

Use DEUS controlled descent devices for escape, rescue, evacuation, positioning, lifting and hauling...and so much more. Plus, with a wide array of ropes, gear for effective rescue riggingpremium harnesses and rescue aids, DEUS can support a wide range of at-height work, rescue, training and recreation scenarios. 

The Right Tools for Escape, Rescue, Work and More

Controlled Descent Devices

DEUS controlled descent devices ae highly versatile and practical tools, supporting a number of applications. Combining a DEUS 3000 Series or 7000 Series device with the proper rope and various connectors, anchoring products and other gear, available separately or in convenient DEUS kits, results in complete packages for safe and effective work, rescue and training. Add the appropriate DEUS harness and rescue aids to meet any situation.

With the right gear and training, you can use DEUS products for a range of tasks:

Of course, the proper, safe and effective use of any DEUS system requires proper equipment, protective gear and training by a DEUS-certified trainer or instructor.

Descriptions of various tasks and maneuvers using DEUS controlled descent devices are intended only to provide an overview of some possible applications and should not be considered complete instructions for use. For more details on the proper use and care of DEUS controlled descent devices, refer to the appropriate instruction manual.

Want to know more about how DEUS controlled descent devices can provide the foundation for your vertical rescue, work and training needs, contact DEUS Rescue.