Quality Gear for Safe and Speedy Rescue Rigging

Whether rigging for work and rescue, DEUS controlled descent devices work with any number of carabiners, lanyards, pulleys and other available gear. However, sometimes the "standard" tools simply fall short. That is when DEUS steps in, offering inspired variations on common rigging gear, raising the bar for performance, practicality and ease-of-use.Stretcher rigging lo

Here, you will find rigging products that go beyond standard to a new level of innovation and design, as well as the quality construction, functionality and reliability you expect from DEUS.

While sourced or designed particularly to work with DEUS controlled descent devices in various DEUS kits, these products all stand alone as great additions to your rescue gear.

Our Primary Sources include Top Producers and Inspiration

Serf the internet and you can find a wide array of carabiners, lanyards, pulleys, rope grabs and other rigging equipment. But how do you know which is the best item to use for a given application, or in conjunction with DEUS systems?

Look no further. DEUS Rescue has done the heavy lifting, identifying and sourcing the very best rigging gear to use with our innovative controlled descent devices. In many cases, we've gone beyond standard to develop our own unique and proprietary designs.

Either way, you know you're getting the very best when you select rigging products from DEUS Rescue, including:

  • Carabiners and Connectors - a variety of types, styles and materials
  • DEUS "O" - our own proprietary offering, for superior protection of rope end terminations
  • Swivels and Pulleys - a variety of specialized pulleys and swivels for rescue and work
  • Grabs & Plates - quality rigging plates and products to support vertical ascent and descent

DEUS also offers a full range of quality anchoring solutions, including anchorsDEUS anchorage connectors, engineered rescue anchor systems, lanyards, and firefighter escape anchors.

Shop for DEUS rigging products now, or contact us for more information.