Complete Kits for Rescue, Work and More

Industrial KitDEUS controlled descent devices are complete rescue systems, designed to support safe, simple rescue, training and work. Using them effectively often requires a variety of other products. DEUS Rescue has done the work for you, providing a host of specialized kits with the tools you need for every type of job using your DEUS device.

Compiling the Very Best Gear

To assemble our kits, we have determined exactly what you need for each type of rescue, work or training application. We've sourced best-in-class products, often working closely with manufacturers to ensure superior quality and effectiveness.

In some cases, we have even developed entirely new products, new versions or enhancements when the existing options simply don't measure up or get the job done right. (Kit components are also available separately, including ropes, rigging gear, harnesses, anchoring products, rescue aids and more, for parts replacement or when additional quantities are desired.) In the end, you will find that every item in every DEUS kit meets the highest standard of all - yours.

We have also put considerable effort into the kit containers - bags, pouches, boxes and more - ensuring ease of use, practical accessibility and rapid deployment. The end result is a series of highly effective kits, each designed to be lightweight and compact, convenient and complete.

The Right Kit for Every Job

DEUS offers a range of complete kits for nearly every job, in every industry we serve. Whether you're looking for the tools for personal evacuation, self-rescue, assisted rescue, vertical work, tactical descent or recreation, we have a kit for you.

Start shopping for DEUS Kits now, or contact us for more information.