The DEUS Pro-Tech™ Rescue Stretcher

Truly superior rescue stretcher technology.

The innovative Pro-Tech™ Rescue Stretcher gives you the comfort and support of a rigid basket combined with the flexibility of a roll-up stretcher. The internal structure ensures superior support and protection of the victim, yet it rolls up and stows away in a compact backpack for easy storage and transport to the rescue site.

Pro-Tech Rescue Stretcher beauty MEDIA

A Stretcher for Any Rescue Scenario

The Pro-Tech™ is extremely versatile and easy to use in nearly any rescue scenario, including confined space, high angle, water rescue and more. The patented triple-grommet attachment points ensure superior strength and durability. The DEUS Pro-Tech™ can be used immediately in either vertical or horizontal configurations with no knot tying or special rigging. Add to this a set of features that ensures maximum safety, durability and ease of use, and you have the ultimate stretcher for nearly every emergency rescue scenario.

Stretcher - lower Vertical Stretcher rig

Easy to Store or Carry

When not in use, your DEUS Pro-Tech Rescue Stretcher easily and quickly rolls up and stows away in a compact backpack. This specially designed pack, constructed of durable nylon, is custom fit Pro-Tech Rescue Stretcher packed MEDIAfor the stretcher. The ergonomically placed adjustable shoulder and waist straps ensure comfort while transporting the stretcher to the rescue site. Plus, the pack includes extra large zippered outer pockets to store additional rescue gear.

Available Now

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