DEUS Pricing and Purchasing


How much does a DEUS controlled descent device cost?

DEUS controlled descent devices are the finest, safest, easiest to use and most versatile controlled descent systems available anywhere. They are expensive, and they are worth it. They are built to last and provide reliable performance, making them wise investments that are less costly over the long haul.

You can purchase DEUS descent systems as part of complete kits. DEUS kits are available with different gear and accessories, built around and for use with DEUS 3000 Series and 7000 Series descent device. Each is priced differently and varies according to choices you make regarding ropes type and length, type of carabiner, etc.

DEUS kits provide complete packages for different applications and different markets, including bailout, escape, self rescue, assisted rescue, work positioning, lifting and hauling and more. Most DEUS products are available for purchase right here on the website, in the Shop Products section.

Can I purchase DEUS controlled descent devices separately?

DEUS controlled descent devices are available only as part of complete kits. This ensures the proper rope is used in conjunction with the device. It also ensures that an appropriate protective carry and deploy container (e.g. bag) is included with the transaction, as it is essential to the proper care and use of the system.

Where do I purchase DEUS controlled descent devices, accessories or kits?

If you are interested in purchasing, visit our online store here on the website. If you need something specialized, have difficulty locating something on our site, or have additional questions, please contact a DEUS sales representative.

Can I finance my DEUS Rescue purchase?

Fire departments can finance all or part of their DEUS equipment purchase, with low rates and flexible terms, through the DEUS Municipal Lease Program. Through this program, your department can own the equipment today, but defer payment for up to six years. Contact us for more information.

Does DEUS Rescue offer volume discounts on purchases?

Yes, generally DEUS Rescue provides a pricing schedule that encourages larger orders with volume discounts. Contact us for more information or to obtain a quote.

For smaller fire departments, the DEUS Multi-Department Discount Program allows you to combine your order with those of other, neighboring departments to achieve higher quantities and, therefore, qualify for better pricing. Contact us for more information.