How Can We Help? How Can We Help You?

When you work with DEUS Rescue, you enter into a contract. We are committed to your needs and your satisfaction. That means you will receive a level of service and support that is simply unparalleled. This is more than simply good business. In this way, we seek to build and maintain your trust every day, even long after you've made a purchase.

We understand that reliable performance under rigorous - even dangerous - conditions, takes more than just good products.

  • It takes an ability to listen and understand, to ensure that your needs are truly met.
  • It takes continuous innovation, combining what we learn with our expertise to develop new tools and methods.
  • It takes strong partnerships with best-in-class suppliers who work with us to deliver complete solution that you can trust.
  • It takes a commitment to maintenance and training, to ensure that our products answer the call in the real world, safely and effectively.

Whether you need technical support, training or assistance with a purchase, we are here to help. Just let us know.

For general inquiries, call a customer service representative toll-free at 866-405-3461 or use our contact web form.