7000 Series Controlled Descent Device

DEUS 7000 controlled descent device

The DEUS 7000 Series is the missing link in controlled descent. Each 7000 Series device is built for long descents (up to 1,000 ft.) and all-day, everyday operation. Plus, each gives you automatic operation with the ultimate in safety and performance. For repetitive use over long vertical distance, they are the safest, simplest and most trouble-free controlled descent devices in the world.

The DEUS 7000 Series is in a class of its own. When you look at the devices in the DEUS 7000 Series the first word that comes to mind is "robust." They are beefy, rugged, solid and massively over-built because they are designed for tough jobs where reliability is critical. Jobs that would cause other devices to break, overheat and fail are easy for the 7000 Series.

Different Devices to Meet Your Different Needs

The DEUS 7000 Series includes a number of different devices for particular markets and applications:

DEUS 7300 - designed for superior back-up belay to your primary system during training, evacuation or rescue.

  • Maximum rated descent distance: 1000 ft (300 m)
  • Maximum descent speed with 310 lb load: 2 or 3 m/sec
  • Certifications: NFPA 1983 "L"
  • ANSI Z359.4-2007, and EN 341

DEUS 7500 designed to give challenge course and zip-line tour operator superior climbing belay and descent from high elements, while providing the basis of exciting new elements.

  • Maximum rated descent distance: 1000 ft (300 m)
  • Maximum descent speed with 310 lb load: 2 m/sec
  • Certifications: NFPA 1983 L
  • ANSI Z359.4-2007, and EN 341

Every 7000 Series device offers completely automatic, hands-free operation, with the superior safety of redundant brakes, free-fall protection, speed-limiting technology and built-in shock-load management.

Features of the DEUS 7000 Series

DEUS 7000 Series is the working class of controlled descent, with a rugged, beefy, solid construction to stand up to all day, every day use. But thats only the beginning. Behind this tough exterior is an engineering marvel, offering reliability, safety and simple operation.

Redundant Safety

All of the models in the DEUS 7000 Series have four redundant brakes for maximum safety, as well as extra versatility and control.

  • An Euler friction brake provides hands-free proportional braking throughout the rated load range of the device.
  • A rope compression brake providing redundant, hands-free, automatic braking throughout the rated load range of the device, with minimal rope wear.
  • A centrifugal brake to guard against free-fall by limiting maximum descent speed and to perform most of the braking away from the rope to reduce rope wear.
  • A manual rope tailing brake to give the person descending or an operator manual control of descent speed by simply pulling on the free end of the rope running through the device.


DEUS 7000 Series devices are built for long life and reliable performance, under continuous and repetitive use situations. Devices in the DEUS 7000 Series...

  • Use direct drive brakes - no fragile or complicated gears that can break down.
  • Utilize fully articulated centrifugal brakes to evenly distribute brake load around the brake surface for smooth, quiet and consistent performance.
  • Are constructed with full-contact brake pads that span the entire perimeter of the brake shoes to disperse load, for smooth performance and long life, even when used repeatedly.
  • Use industrial sealed bearings to mount the centrifugal brake, so there's less heat and and a longer useful life compared to systems that use bushings.
  • Are built to last, with a machined, hard-anodized aluminum body, machined stainless steel one-piece drive wheel and integrated drive shaft, Euler posts and slide-cam contacts, and a water-tight o-ring seal separating the brake parts from the rope path.
  • Are easy to maintain because the wear parts can be easily and quickly replaced; brake pads are field-replaceable in 15 minutes.
  • Are certified to NFPA, ANSI, EN and ACCT standards.
  • Are designed for longer rope life, because 80% of the centrifugal braking is done away from the rope, the centrifugal brake operates in a sealed housing to protect the rope, and the "Soft Engagement Technology" reduces rope (and system) shock.


Whether used as a primary system for rescue or recreation, or as a back-up to your primary system, DEUS 7000 Series devices are designed to accommodate your needs. Every device in the series...

  • Features hands-free automatic operation - just pull out the rope slack and step over the edge. Descent proceeds smoothly, safely and automatically. Or, hold the free end of the rope for manual operation.
  • Is speed limited to guard against free fall - even at maximum speed, the DEUS 7000 Series controls descent to a maximum of 2 or 3 meters per second, depending on the model.
  • Is a set-to-go system - 7000 Series devices operate completely automatically and hands-free from transition through descent. This helps prevent shock load injuries, ensures evacuation is smooth, provides the basis of an effective down elevator, and eliminates the need of an operator when used as a back-up belay.
  • Features DEUS "Soft Engagement Technology" - The DEUS 7000 Series combines multiple braking systems to automatically manage and absorb shock load. The result is more fun, fewer injuries and equipment that lasts.
  • Requires minimal training -  Operating a DEUS 7000 Series device is so simple to do, that training is quick for anyone. Learning to rig, inspect, change ropes, operate and train others to use any of the models in the 7000 Series takes about an hour.
  • Allows for quick changing of rope -  replace the rope in less than a minute. This means less downtime, and allows for use of separate ropes for training and emergency use.


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